Backyard Pizza

about us

The name Backyard was chosen because it’s modern enough to be considered upper scale, but common enough to be inviting for everyone. We wanted the name and design to have that Appalachian appeal. I have been in the restaurant business my entire life, it’s what I enjoy doing. I grew up in the business watching my mom wait tables while my dad taught school. My wife and I being from Huntington, we wanted to offer something unique that people can have pride in. Especially, when they have friends from out of town and they go, “Wow! There’s nothing like it.” Wood fired ovens make the best pizza hands down. We also make everything from scratch and love playing with flavor profiles to create very nontraditional pies. As for the raw bar we special order our oysters so they arrive within 5 days of their harvest date. On the raw bar there is a wood fire grill that gives anything that touches it a delicious rustic flavor.